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Organic Garden and Feed

"We absolutely love the sign! Here it is showcased on our store"
(Rachel Walker, Organic Garden and Feed)

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We love our new neon sign! There was a great selection of sizes, colors and styles to choose from, too!
Mark Weissman, New York

We got a great neon sign and great service. We're ordering a second sign soon.
Paul Johnson, LA

Since we received our new sign we're getting new customers every day. It was worth every penny!
Sita Singh, Chicago

Our beautiful new neon "Beauty Salon" sign added so much pizazz to my shop. It gave that professional touch that we were looking for. Thanks!
Chantal Zusak, Houston

I'm very happy with our new sign. Thanks for the great sign and the great service!
Jorge Garcia, Phoenix

I bought my son a beautiful neon sign for his home bar. He loves it and it really adds a lot of fun to the room. Thanks for your help and the great service!
Carol Phillips, Philadelphia

Our new neon sign has been up and turned on 24/7 for months. It was easy to install too. What a great deal!
Andy Gonzales, San Antonio

Thanks for the wonderful service! Our new neon sign really makes our shop "stand out in the crowd." Rachel and Harry
Harrison, Dallas

The neon "Pie" sign we bought is bringing customers into our bakery in droves. It looks wonderful and it was easy as pie to install.
Dennis McIntyre, San Diego

Our son wanted a neon sign for his bedroom. We weren't sure how we were going to like it but it looks great and reminds him of his favorite team every day! Thanks so much for the wonderful service.
Joe and Marcia Maloney, San Jose

I bought a neon college team sign for my dorm room. My friends love it and so do I! Thank you for helping me order the right sign.
Jennifer Smith, Detroit

We weren't sure where to get a neon sign for our new cafe. But with your help we have a beautiful sign. We've had it for months and have had no problems. Thanks!
H. James Giordano, San Francisco

I was looking for a something that would make my shop stand out from all the rest on the street. My new neon sign really makes it pop! The color is great and I installed it myself with no trouble. Thanks for walking me through the installation.
Daisy Wyckoff, Jacksonville

You offer terrific service! Thanks for helping me pick the right neon sign. It really adds that professional touch to my business.
Mary Sylvain, Indianapolis

Our bagel shop really needed a pick me up. When a friend suggested a neon sign we didn't know the best place to get one. We're so glad that we found you. We got a super sign and super service. Thanks!
Gordon and Sharon Carey, Columbus

With so many stores around our shop it was hard for customers to see which was open and which wasn't. Thanks to our new neon sign that's no longer a problem. It's a nice sturdy sign and we love the color too!
Missy Rowen and Jessica Korn, Fort Worth

Wow! Picking a neon sign can be confusing. There are lots of styles, colors, and sizes. Thanks for all your help. I love my new sign!
Mary Fuentes, Charlotte

We wanted our restaurant to look classy, but to stand out too. Our new neon sign really helped. Plus, it's so reliable - we've had it up for months with no problems at all.
The Henley family, Memphis

I needed a new neon sign for my shop and I wanted a really neat color. Thanks to you and your team I have just the right sign and the color is perfect!
Jillian Basile, Baltimore

We own a seafood restaurant and we really needed it to look special in this town where there are so many seafood places. One call to you and we got the best neon sign in the city! Thanks for all of your help!
Mary and Joe McCormick, Boston

Thanks for helping me choose the perfect graduation gift for my grandson. I'm so proud of him and his new neon sign helps him tell the world that he's doctor now! It's the best new way to hang out a shingle!
Roseanne Harper, El Paso

Just wanted you to know that the neon sign I ordered from you two years ago is still working great. I leave it on all day and all night too. It was a bargain.
Frank Punte, Milwaukee

I couldn't think of a gift for my husband's birthday until I happened to see a neon beer sign. Now he has a big, foamy glass of beer neon sign hanging right in our kitchen to remind him of his favorite drink. It's a great conversation starter at parties. Thanks for the great service!
Paulette Wilkie, Denver

When my neon sign broke after years of service, I was sent the right part right away. You even walked me through the repair on the phone. You guys are great!
Bill Watson, Seattle

Whenever I open a new store and need brand new neon signs I know that I can depend on 123 Neon Signs for the best neon signs on the market!
Bob Henderson, Washington

This city is full of neon signs so I was worried about finding a sign that was different from all the rest. But your selection of neon signs is amazing and you even made me a custom sign! I'll be back for all my neon needs.
Jake Schneeberg, Las Vegas

Your service is impeccable! When I needed a specialized neon sign fast you were right on the ball. Thanks!
Mrs. Anna Shea, Portland

We weren't sure if a neon sign would be the right image for our floral design shop. But 123 Neon Signs has so many beautiful signs that we found the perfect one within minutes. We're recommending you to our friends.
Charlie French and Paco Dean, Louisville

My barbecue restaurant looks amazing with the new neon signs installed. I'm back for another one!
Joe Milano, Oklahoma City

For great service and wonderful neon signs you can't beat your company. Just like you say - the signs are easy to install, easy to clean, and they last forever.
Sam Speedwell, Tucson

Thanks for the great service! It was fast and we love our new sign!
Jon and Fran Sharpe, Atlanta

I had a lot of questions before I ordered my first sign. Thanks for being so helpful and getting me my sign so fast.
Violet VanDenburg, Albuquerque

You have a huge selection and so many colors to choose from! I'm very happy with my new sign .
Hank Arnford, Fresno

We couldn't have asked for more efficient or friendler service. You will be our business' neon sign provider from now on.
Peter Hanson, Sacramento

Amazing sign! A neon sign was a smart gift for my nephew when he finished school. Thanks for all of your help.
Janet Fanson, Long Beach

I love our neon sign! It lights the front of my store right up. It was easy to install too.
Fred Hennessey, Mesa

I wanted to make the opening of our new cafe a special event and with our new neon sign and your help with the customizing of the sign - well, I couldn't be happier!
Harvey Fenner, Kansas City

Thank you for your help with my neon sign. Your service department really talked me through my installation questions and we got the sign up and running within minutes.
Carol Arnold, Omaha

I was afraid a neon sign might be very expensive but you gave us a great deal and great service! When we decide on our next sign we're coming back to 123 Neon Signs.
Phil Ofenloch, Cleveland

We just wanted to thank you for our beautiful neon sign. It's been up for months and many of our customers comment on how attractive it is.
Ansley and Terri Jefferson, Virginia Beach

Thanks for great customer service! You helped us design the perfect sign and got it to us for our grand opening.
Carlos Ricardo, Miami

With so much to do before my restaurant opened the last thing I had time to worry about was a new sign. Your service department was friendly and the sign is beautiful!
Lily Choi, Oakland

When our old neon sign broke after 25 years, we didn't think we'd be able to find another like it. But you helped us find a sign just like our old one. Thanks so much!
Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Clay, Raleigh

A neon sign sure can help bring in customers! We had customers stopping in within minutes of installing our sign. Thanks for all of your help.
Jesslyn Feeney, Tulsa

Your service department was very helpful in answering all of our questions. With your help we have the neon sign we needed.
MaryJo Wolisek, Minneapolis

My custom "Ski" sign has turned my business around! Thanks for all of your help!
Marty Hendrickson, Colorado Springs

We've got the best neon sign in Honolulu! Thanks for great service and a fabulous sign!
May Nakimoto

The new neon sign hanging over my pool table makes every night seem like a party night. Thanks for all of your help.
Bob Hollander, Arlington

Thanks for helping me pick just the right neon sign for my new venture! You guys are awesome!
Alice Marietta, Wichita

My dad loves his new neon sign! He didn't even know that you could get a neon sign for a sport's team. Thanks for the helpful customer service.
Sheila Gore, St. Louis

We were so excited to get a custom neon sign made for our old-fashioned diner. It adds just the right touch to our decor.
Cormac Ribar, Tampa

We now have the prettiest neon sign we've ever seen in a dress shop! The colors are gorgeous!
Mary Gabriel and Joey Ashley, Santa Ana

I was wracking my brain as to the most attractive way to say that my shop was open 24 hours a day. Another shopkeeper suggested a sign from 123 Neon Signs. Thanks for your help!
Mary Ann Yastremski, Anaheim

Our brand new "open" sign is really nice! Thanks for walking me through installation.
John Augusto, Cincinnati

I wasn't sure how a neon sign would look on my family's store. It's over 100 years old. But with your help we now have the perfect custom sign. Thank you!
Frank and Lorraine Mikaelski, Bakersfield

You should have seen how excited our son was upon his arrival home when he saw the neon sign we ordered for his party! Thanks, 123 Neon Signs!
The Smith Family, Aurora

We were really happy to be home and back to work again! Our new neon sign tells the neighbors we are thrilled to be "Open for Business!"
Jack Maginn, New Orleans

Go Steelers! I love my neon team sign. It looks great in my family room. Thanks!
Gary Wolf, Pittsburgh

We serve the best coffee in town. Thanks for helping me pick the neon sign that tells the world about our great coffee. You have the best service department, too.
Madeline Pryor, Riverside

Thanks for all your help with our neon sign. We love it!
Jeanne and Bob England, Toledo

Thanks for the great customer service. We wouldn't have been able to get such a terrific deal on a neon sign without your help.
Suellen Binney, Stockton

We replaced our old beer sign with a new one from your catalog. With so many styles available we found one almost exactly the same as our old one. It works great! Thanks!
Ron Darcy, Corpus Christi

I didn't think that I'd be able to find a neon sign that included flowers in lots of colors. Finding one on your site was really exciting! It looks beautiful!
Kiera McNeill, Lexington

You made it so easy to replace the neon sign we lost in the flood. Thank you for the great service.
Patrick Anderson, St. Paul

We wanted a very special neon sign for our B & B. Thanks for helping us get the perfect sign.
Elena and Paul Whitedeer, Anchorage

Congratulations to your customer service department! I give them all A's for their wonderful help!
Margaret Green, Newark

There are so many things to do when starting a new business. Getting all our signage from you was a seamless process. Thanks for the help.
Leon Johnson, Buffalo

Your prices are great! We could afford two signs from you for the price of one sign from the other guys.
Rachel Wasserman, Plano

I love my custom neon sign! Good job!
Jet McMurray, Henderson

When my best friend decided to buy a neon sign for her husband's home bar we thought she was crazy! But we love it and can't wait for ours to arrive.
The Winewskis, Lincoln

Our new neon sign was so easy to install. And the quality is superb. You really do make the best neon signs on the Internet!
Mary Frances Booth, Fort Wayne

Our new neon sign really lights up our game room! Thanks 123 Neon Signs!
Hank Arthur, Glendale

I'm getting every new college graduate in my family a neon sign with the name of his or her favorite team. I did it for one and now everyone wants one. Thanks for your fast and efficient service.
Mrs. Mary Hutchins, Greensboro

You guys deserve an award for your service! We really appreciate your help and the quality of our new sign too.
Joe Pine, Chandler

Boy are we crazy about our new sign! We think it's responsible for lots of new customers!
Mr.and Mrs.Chip Brooke, St. Petersburg

It's really hard to stand out when surrounded by so many other businesses! But our new sign makes sure that nobody misses us! Thanks!
Sal Ruffino, Jersey City

You have the best prices, the best selection, and the best customer service. Why would I go anywhere else to buy a neon sign?
Jesse Chandler, Scottsdale

There are so many colors, styles, and sizes to choose from that I never thought I'd be able to make up my mind! But I got a super new neon sign. Thanks 123 Neon Signs!
Diane Stambler, Norfolk

I just needed an "Open" sign but with so many colors and styles it was hard to choose. I'm so happy with my new lavender sign!
Gabrielle Klein, Madison

There's plenty of glitz around here but I have the very best neon sign in town! Thanks!
John Norton, Orlando

What a great neon sign and thanks for the fabulous service too. I'm sure to be a repeat customer.
Mary Ellen Herbert, Birmingham

I ordered a very special neon sign as a special surprise for my fiance. Guess what? She said yes! Thanks for all of your help!
Lance Egger, Baton Rouge

Just a quick thank you for your great service. We're thrilled with our new sign!
Holly Harking, Durham

We have customers compliment us on our neon sign all the time. It looks great. Thanks!
Pedro Hernandez, Laredo

My new neon Spa sign adds a lot of class to my new establishment! Thanks for the great neon sign!
Marilyn Endries, Lubbock

You really offer great service! Thanks for listening to all of my needs.
Patricia Chapin, Chesapeake

Thanks for answering my installation questions. It made installing my new neon sign a really quick and simple job.
Beverly Feratto, Chula Vistaht

The neon sign I bought for my salon is really colorful and brightens up the whole place! Thanks 123 Neon Signs!
Maggie Marshall, Garland

Your prices are great and I'm so happy with my sign. Thanks for all of your help.
Billy Eldritch, Winston Salem

In Las Vegas there's an awful lot of competition as to what establishment has the best neon. Since we bought our new signs from you we have the best signs.
Mary and Mack Parker, North Las Vegas

It takes lots of neon to light up the strip here and we got all of ours from 123 Neon Signs!
Max Goldstein, Reno

My sister and I wanted to buy our father a neon sign for his home bar and with your help we got the perfect sign! Thanks for your help!
Micki Livingstone, Gilbert

I'm so happy with my new neon sign! And the service was wonderful!
Jeb Jeffers, Hialeah

What do you get when you need an exciting gift for a retiree? You get a custom neon sign for their beach house. Thanks for all your help!
Magella McManus, Arlington

Our new laundromat is really jazzed up by the hot pink open sign. Our customers love it!
The Barnes Family, Akron

This neon sign was so easy to install. I can't even imagine now why I thought a neon sign might be hard to install. Thanks for holding my hand through it!
Becky Simmons, Irvine

Happiness is a new neon sign on a retro diner! It looks great and works great!
Buddy French, Rochester

I thought that replacing our old neon sign would cost a fortune. How nice it was to find an affordable sign and to experience wonderful service, too.
Marion Richards, Boise

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