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Custom Neon Signs for Outdoors

Custom Neon Signs for Outdoors
The Ultimate in Real-World Advertising and Identity Promotion

Custom neon signs are common and very popular. Businesses and individuals leasing or buying neon signs like uniqueness, something to reflect their interests and/or identities. One finds such uniqueness in a myriad of ways: colors, words, font size and style, sign shape, scrolling, blinking and animation. For this reason, neon sign companies have no shortage of possibilities that they can do; the boundless creativity in this industry is what makes neon signs so important. Order custom neon signs here: Custom Neon Signs.

The customization of neon sigs applies equally to those placed in outdoor and indoor venues. The outdoor signs matter more because they involve many people, not merely the individual or few observers.

What Are the Differences between Indoor and Outdoor Neon Signs?

The main difference between indoor and outdoor neon signs relates to their respective functions, although appearance plays a small but significant role as well.

Indoor neon signs appear to add to interior décor in private residences and in commercial settings. The blinking lights and animation on some customized neon signs, for example, offer owners a visual display that brings life to a location. A neon clock works well in a darkened bedroom. The light of the timepiece allows an occupant to see the time without a strain and feel relaxed by the colors and other features. Neon signs inside sports bars provide a more thematic touch, such as promoting a favorite team or sport. Customized indoor neon signs affect the minds of all those who gaze upon them, whether consciously or subliminally.

The range of applications for outdoor neon signs is more varied. These neon signs are primarily for public use: advertising, traffic direction or some form of publicity. In this case, the neon signs involve a multitude of people and therefore provide a greater service to the community.

When used in commercial applications, custom outdoor neon signs are larger-than-life and intend to grab the attention of many people consistently. This means increased business. Outdoor neon signs are identity badges and never fail.

How Do the Design and Construction of Outdoor Neon Signs Affect Their Longevity?

Outdoor neon signs hold a special significance in commercial settings, and not only for what they do. Regardless of their size, shape or particular set of features, outdoor neon signs have a considerable longevity, and this factor alone is due to both the design and construction of the sign.

These specialized signs bear an ongoing durability. Their thick glass contains both neon and argon gasses that interact with electrons to create photon light. Since neon signs give off no heat, they expend little electricity with none wasted, so the overall input and output are low. In fact, the input equates near to that of a single 75-watt light bulb, so the power efficiency lasts longer, up to fifteen years. Installation is easy, and the versatility of the outdoor neon sign accommodates the structure it serves. In addition, outdoor neon signs are impervious to extreme temperatures and are weather-/shock-resistant, they stand up well. Each sign’s transformer generates high-voltage output of about 115, which equates to somewhere between 2,000 and 15,000 volts. That is ongoing power 24/7 for years.


With such long life and constant presence, outdoor neon signs are inarguably the last word in business advertising and promotion, especially since they consist of a one-time cost and low monthly payments. These signs prove that any business can make and save money at the same time, which is not an easy thing to do.

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